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Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic Specialist Musculoskeletal Radiology Reporting Service MRI of Orthopaedic, Spinal, Rheumatological & Sports Conditions
Cobalt Virtually Open MRI Scanner and Wide Bore MRI Scanner Information
Images courtesy of Cobalt Health

Click this link for an explanation on the new virtually open MRI scanner at Cobalt Health (Siemens Sola System)

Philips Wide Bore 3T Ambient Experience MRI Scanner at Cobalt
  • Select your own ambient theme
  • More space in the MRI scanner room
  • More space top to bottom than in an open MRI scanner
  • Less space side to side than in an open MRI scanner
  • Allows for a more relaxing environment for your MRI scan
  • Some patients prefer the newer wide bore MRI scanners to the previous open MRI scanners
  • The ambient theme is viewed from a mirror above you (see picture above on the left)
Relaxation Techniques to help claustrophobia
If you start feeling stressed during the MRI scan, start breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Try to breath in while counting in your head until you reach 5.  Then do the same while breathing out, all the way to 10.  If you've accomplished that, then work on counting slower each time, to slow down your breathing as much as you can

Alternatively imagine a favourite beach or a relaxed time/place in your life.  Then spend time really trying to imagine every detail of that place.  It helps sometimes knowing a place you will imagine before you get to the MRI scanner.  The more time you spend thinking of this place, the less time you will be thinking about being in the MRI scanner.

You will also be offered a headset with a variety of music to listen to, or you can bring your own music CD.
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