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Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic Specialists in diagnostic ultrasound and guided injection treatments Ultrasound of soft tissue, hernias, lumps & bumps, DVT, head & neck, abdomen and aortic aneurysm screening
Ultrasound Clinic Locations
Active Therapy Clinic 8 Whiteway Ct, Cirencester GL7 7BA
Dyer St Chiropractic 82 Dyer St, Cirencester GL7 2PF
Cirencester Hospital Tetbury Rd, Cirencester GL7 1UY
We specialise in ultrasound scanning of musculoskeletal conditions with guided injections.  We also have expertise in many other types of ultrasound scans, and some guided interventional procedures.  We do not perform pregnancy or gynaecological scans.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound

  • Tendons and bursae
  • Muscles
  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Nerves
  • Hernias and soft tissues
  • Lumps & Bumps
Other ultrasound scan types
  • General abdominal ultrasound
  • Kidneys and bladder
  • Testicular ultrasound
  • Thyroid gland
  • Salivary glands
  • Doppler DVT scans 
  • Abdominal aorta screening

Ultrasound guided injections

  • Steroid joint and bursal injections
  • Hyaluronic acid joint & tendon injections (Ostenil)
  • High volume injections for tendons
  • High volume injections for frozen shoulder
  • Dry needling for plantar fasciitis and tendinopathy
  • Nerve injections and blocks (e.g. occipital nerve)
  • Foreign body removal
Ultrasound guided foreign body removal is also now available.  A very small incisicion is made after local anaesthetic injection, and then the foreign body is removed under ultrasound guidance using a specialised curved splinter forceps.
Additional clinic locations at:  St Luke's Radiology in Oxford, The Faringdon Clinic, and 5 Valleys Physio in Stroud.
£150 for 1 part ultrasound scan (card payment available)
£50 per extra part or injection (steroid/dry needling)
Your ultrasound scan report
  • A formal report of your ultrasound scan result will be emailed to you
  • A copy of the ultrasound report will also be emailed securely to your GP
  • If you were referred for the scan, a copy of the ultrasound report will also sent to the referrer (usually a local health professional)
  • If you have any questions about your ultrasound scan, please contact us (see below)
  • Ultrasound reports from scans at St Luke's Radiology in Oxford will be sent to you by St Luke's Radiology
Email: enquiries@cotswolddiagnosticclinic.co.uk

Registered address for correspondence: 80 Chesterton Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1YD
Ultrasound Scan Clinics in Cirencester at Active Therapy Clinic and Dyer St Chiropractic
Locations covered: Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, Witney and Oxford