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Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic Specialist Local Musculoskeletal Radiology Reporting Service MRI of Orthopaedic, Spinal, Rheumatological & Sports Conditions
MRI Scan Reporting Service

Ask your doctor, physiotherapist or other health professional for a MRI scan referral form, which can be completed via this link.

Please ask them to mark on the referral form: "FAO Dr R Young, Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic".

Dr Young will then be able to report your MRI scan quickly, and discuss the results with you and your referrer if required.

Your MRI scan appointment
After you have obtained a referral, Cobalt Health will contact you to arrange your MRI scan appointment, once they have received the referral form.  Call 01242 535900 if you haven't heard about your MRI scan appointment.
MRI scan prices start from £245
Your MRI scan results
Your MRI scan report will be usually be available within 2 working days, and we can discuss the results with you.

Your MRI scan images will be sent to you on a compact disc by Cobalt Health.

Contact Cobalt Health on 01242 535910 for transfer of images to other hospitals.

Radiology and Referral advice for all Health Professionals
Consultant Radiologist Dr Russell Young is available for advice on different scanning options and on what the results mean for your patients.  Dr Young can also review your patient's MRI scan performed at Cobalt Health if required.  Contact details are provided below:
Tel: 01285 323677     
Email: see email icon top right of page
See link above for further information on MRI scans. 
Click this link to make a
referral to Cobalt Health.
Medicolegal Musculoskeletal MRI Reporting Service

Dr Young provides a Medicolegal MRI reporting service primarly for all types of musculoskeletal MRI, including orthopaedic, rheumatological, sports and spinal conditions.  A reporting service is also available for musculoskeletal CT scans and x-rays.  For further information please use the contact details available on this page (see above).

Photos courtesy of Cobalt Health, www.cobalthealth.co.uk, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire