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Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic Specialist Local Musculoskeletal Radiology Reporting Service Cone Beam CT of Orthopaedic, Rheumatological & Sports Conditions
Cone Beam CT Scanner Information

Cobalt Health has an open extremity Carestream Cone Beam CT scanner, which started service in September 2017.  There is also a Cone Beam CT scanner available at St Luke's Radiology in Headington, Oxford, and at Cavendish Imaging in Harley Street, London.

The Cone Beam CT scanner is very fast, easy to use and more comfortable for patients, particularly when scanning in weight-bearing positions.  There is plenty of room as you only have to put your arm or leg in the scanner.  It can provide high quality 3D images and is excellent at reducing artifact from orthopaedic metalwork.

Summary of benefits of the Cone Beam CT Scanner:

  • Patient friendly, comfortable and low cost
  • Weight-bearing images for knee/foot/ankle - comparison with non-weight-bearing scans
  • High image quality with short scan times of 25 seconds
  • Good soft tissue visualisation
  • Metal artifact correction including assessment of knee and ankle replacements
  • Lower dose than conventional CT scans, comparable with some x-rays.
  • Large field of view
  • 2D and 3D image capability
  • Assessment and follow up of arthritis.
  • Assessment of trauma and non-union of previous fractures
  • Assessment of impingement, when MRI and ultrasound may not have found the diagnosis
  • Use in one stop clinics instead of plain films to improve clinic efficiency
  • Helpful for research in designing joint replacements with 3D printing

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